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Follow me on Instagram pleeeease? I follow back!

I love how blonde my hair is these days :-)

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I love how blonde my hair is these days :-)

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Man, I love my friends

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I just want to dedicate this post to my friend Matt.

I saw this picture of Harry and Hermione captioned with “Best Friendship” and it just made me think of the friendship that me and Matt, one of my closest and best friends, share.

We understand each other more than anyone else has understood us, we trust each other with our lives and we’ve been there for each other during some of the more horrible times of our lives. I just really love having Matt as one of my best friends because I can tell him anything and I know he’ll understand on a deeper level than a lot of my other friends. As close as we are, we both know that we wouldn’t want a relationship, he’s like a brother to me in a sense. It’s just the best kind of friendship I could have and it really is like Harry and Hermione’s.

My psychology revision can go away for a bit. I’m going to listen to the Harry Potter soundtracks, find a coat for the winter online and eat some peppermint toads from Honeydukes.

That’s right, bitches.

They’re from Honeydukes.

Guess what, guys.

I’m going to start learning the cello :3

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I’m going to buy my boyfriend some military-style boots and make him look like a snatcher. Hnnng.

His first name’s Nik (Niklas) as well, he’s my own personal Nick Moran hahaha.

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"hey yoooouuu guuuyyyss!"

Last night was fun, my friends and me just ventured around our village all night, jumping in rivers, having a few quite a lot of drinks and having a great time :D It was really fun and when we went down the river it was so lovely and scenic, there was a full moon and the river was all moonlit and the trees and everything looked so beautiful :)

Coincidentally, I was wearing my “Hermione” perfume last night and we went down the forest as well, was jind of expecting Scabior to pop up, haha.

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I shall sit indoors because the weather outside isn’t lovely anymore, wear my Harry Potter t-shirt, have a Harry Potter marathon, be super super super excited about the studio tour that’s in 10 FUCKING DAAAYYYS! and do some coursework. I actually enjoy doing coursework now, especially English literature, I don’t know what’s going on.

Going to spend the rest of my day listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and doing English literature work.

I love days like these, where it looks nice outside, I’m not in the mood for going out and I can just sit with my desk near my window overlooking the countryside and pretend I’m in The Shire and be happy in my own little world.

And later I will watch Harry Potter and eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate and it shall be grand.