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You’re not home…[Scabior/Hermione]

Read this if you want, you might not understand the video if you don’t though :-)

This is my second Scabior/Hermione fan video so I’m still getting to grips with using the tools on Windows Live Movie Maker but I hope this is better than the first two Harry Potter fan videos I made. The parts I’m particularly pleased about are at 0.16~0.19 when Scabior’s mouth moves in time with the lyrics and again at 0.11

Story line:

0.00 - 0.31 - Hermione is captured by the Snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor (“no, you’re not home”) and recalls the night in the forest when she first catches sight of Scabior. After being subject to the torturous hand of Bellatrix Lestrange, Scabior takes her to the only safe place he knows, his camp.

0.32 - 1.05 - Scabior and Hermione are both in the battle of Hogwarts and try to reach one another but a feeling in the pit of Scabior’s stomach tells him it’s a bad idea but tries nonetheless. But it is too late before the pair can reach one another and Hermione witnesses the collapse of the bridge but it is unknown to her whether or not Scabior survives the fall.

1.06 - 1.38 - Hermione recalls the nights she spent in the forest with Scabior. Scabior knew Hermione was there the whole time during their first encounter (“not too blind to realise”). Hermione finds herself realising that when she’s “free from the grip of this life (hunting horcruxes, battling)” she won’t have Scabior by her side as she’s under the impression that he died when the bridge collapsed. She remembers the evenings in his camp when they would argue but Hermione was grateful nonetheless, after all, she had no way of finding Harry or Ron at the time and Scabior’s camp was her closest thing to safety. She remembers one particular night on which they had a particularly big argument and Scabior leaves her in the forest to fend for herself. After that, she soon finds Harry and Ron once more.

~Additional ending~

1.38 - 2.05 - It changes to Scabior’s perspective and he recalls the night of the battle of Hogwarts and the events that followed, seeing Hermione on the other side of the bridge behind Neville, running for his life before falling in the lake below. When he and his band of Snatchers are out on another mission (the Dark Lord defeated Potter during the great battle) he remembers the time he snatched his “favourite”…

Hey guiz.

I just finished my second video!

It’s about Fenrir Greyback and Remus Lupin, if you liked my first video about Scabior and Hermione then you might like this as well :) 

Like I said, this is my second video, so there are still things that are off in places like the timing so give me a little while to get used to using windows live movie maker, I’ve never really made videos up until now so I’m not that experienced.

Even so, I hope you enjoy it, please give me feedback because I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this second video and I’d love to know what you all think :) There’s no real plot, it’s just a general tribute to Fenrir Greyback and his victims.



Should I start another Scabior fan video today?

I have ideas but I don’t know if I’m motivated enough. 


I think I’ve finally finished my Scabmione fan video. I can’t finish it the way I wanted it to finish simply because I don’t have the tools to reverse footage…yet ;D

So, don’t expect anything really amazing, last night was the first time I had even looked at Windows Live Moviemaker and I’ve only been getting used to a few tools today. The music is a little crap in places but that’s because I was trying to get the lyrics that I wanted and cut out those that I didn’t want. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, the story line isn’t the best but it’s the first video I’ve ever made so don’t hate me if you don’t like it haha. Please let me know what you think :)

Here it is:


Can anyone tell me how you reverse a video on Windows Live Moviemaker?

I want the footage to play backwards, can anyone help me?

Please? I’ll love you forever :}